Saturday, October 31, 2009


The good health means your bodies is doing work properly and also have no any organ feel bad in any type of environment, have good protection power of external effect like heat winter and rain. For a good health care some types of habits in routine
  • Get up early in morning in between 6am to 7 am
  • Doing normal physical work regularly
  • Drink lot of water at least 2 liter per day
  • Avoid oily food extra fat, spicy food also
  • Going to bed at least 11 PM
  • Mention your personal hie gen
  • Avoid out site or read site food, water, cold drink, chips and all the Fast food also
  • Avoid smoking and drinking

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  1. People with low levels of a certain protein are at greatest risk for sudden cardiac death that occurs in the morning, a new study contends. The researchers suggested that their findings could lead to new treatments to reduce people's risk for this condition, in which the heart